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2022 DKECE Vape Show

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Author : Quizz Team
Update time : 2022-11-14 13:47:00
On November 13th,Quizz successfully held an investment exhibition at the Intercontinental Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.There was an endless stream of visitors to visit the DKECE Vape Show, and Quizz's Booth was bustling with people .

The DKECE Vape lasted for one day. We had released four new products : QD97, QD41 and QD62-V2. We explained our design ingenuity , presented the product highlights,and shared the scientific and technological progress and innovative charm of e-cigarettes together.

We invited professional media and famous influencers to report and live broadcast on the spot, which can effectively increase the exposure rate of  brand phenomenon, and let malay vapefarms learn more about Quizz's brand and products!

We always followe the footsteps of the development of the vape industry, continue to grow and make breakthroughs, explore the emerging Southeast Asia vape markets , and move towards a broader international stage!

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